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Our Services

All driver’s licence or ID card services with changes are to be done in person with appropriate identification. Renewal services can be done online with a verified MyAlberta digital ID.

It is your responsibility to renew your driver’s licence before it expires. To renew your licence you will need the following:

  • Current (valid) driver’s licence
  • If your class of licence &/or medical condition requires it, you will need to provide a completed driver’s medical form.

When requesting any service regarding your driver’s licence, always be prepared to have your picture taken.

Address Change:

To change your address be sure to have your current driver’s licence with you, and know your mailing and physical address if they are different.

Lost or Stolen Driver’s Licence/ID Card

To report a lost or stolen driver’s licence we require you to come with two pieces of ID with you.
It is also recommended to report the loss/theft to the RCMP.

Knowledge Testing

We offer all classes of knowledge testing: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, and 7 as well as Air Brake and Safety Fitness Certificate exams.
Learners under 18 are required to show a legal presence document and have a parent with valid Alberta drivers licence/ID with them in order to write/obtain a learner’s licence or an ID card.
Learners over 18 are required to show a legal presence document along with proof of Alberta Residency in order to write/obtain a learner’s licence or an ID card. (a list of legal presence and alberta residency examples can be found further down)

Road Test Services

Book a road test at this link, or in person. For further questions, please call 403-823-3068
We will be offering road tests in future for the following classes:
• Class 5 Basic Test
• Class 5 Advanced Test
• Class 6 Test

Driver's Abstract

To obtain your personal Driver’s Abstract:  

  1. Attend our office in person, and complete the “Request for Personal Driving and Motor Vehicle Information” form with your driver’s licence or two forms of identification.
  2. If you are unable to come “in person” you can give consent to someone you know who resides within Alberta by filling out the “Driver’s Abstract Consent” form and they can obtain an abstract on your behalf.
  3. If you are Out of Province and do not have someone in Alberta to act on your behalf, you can fill out the “Notarized Request for Personal Information” form. The notarized form, a notarized copy of your ID, and a money order for $30 must be mailed to us at PO Box 1917 Drumheller, Alberta T0J 0Y0 for processing and a PREPAID Express Post envelope. We will process the abstract and return it to you.
  4. An abstract can also be obtained online with a verified MyAlberta Digital ID.
    For more information visit :

Vehicle Registrations

We provide vehicle registration for all motor vehicles, trailers, motorcycles and off-highway vehicles.
We are able to renew your registration, issue and transfer plates, and order personalized plates.

To Transfer or Obtain new plates we require:

  • Proof of ownership: The Bill of Sale (BOS) or Lease Agreement must be signed by both parties (purchaser/s & seller/s). The NVIS (New Vehicle Information Statement) must be presented with the BOS or Lease Agreement for new vehicles that have not been registered before.
  • Proof of valid insurance (not required for trailers)
  • Identification
  • All owners on the ownership document are required to be present or provide written authorization for someone else to do the service on their behalf by filling out the Vehicle Authorization Form.

To Renew Your Plates we require:

  • Your renewal notice, licence plate number or your current/last registration
  • Proof of valid insurance
  • If there are changes to be made, all owners must be present or provide written authorization for someone else to do the service on their behalf by filling out the Vehicle Authorization Form.
  • If there are no changes you can also complete an express renewal on the home page of this website and we will contact you to pickup the new registration in office.

First Application (First time, Expired >6 months, and Out of Province)

  • If you do not have a current Alberta driver’s licence or Alberta ID please bring  proof of legal presence in Canada, and your Alberta residency documents.  For out of Province clients you will also need to bring in your out of province drivers license.
  • When you have an Alberta card (ID or Licence) that is greater than 6 months expired you will also need to bring the above documents to renew.

Lost or Stolen Plates or Registration:

Lost or stolen licence plates must be reported to RCMP before a replacement can be issued. Visit your local detachment or call 1-855-565-7555 and then bring the file number and date reported to the office with you.
If your plates or registration have been lost or stolen, the registered owner/s must attend the office with identification to replace the missing item. A fee applies. All registered owners must be present or provide written authorization for someone else to do the service on their behalf by filling out the Vehicle Authorization Form.

In-Transit Permits:

In transit permits allow the moving of an unregistered vehicle from point A to point B, or to and from a mechanic for services or repairs.
To obtain an in transit permit for movement within Alberta visit the office with proof of valid insurance for the vehicle valid ID.
To obtain an in transit permit with either point A or point B outside of Alberta visit the office with proof of valid insurance and proof of ownership of the vehicle, and valid ID.

Corporate Registry:

Drumheller Registries offers Level 1, 2, and 3 services.
It is recommended to speak to an accountant or lawyer for advice regarding corporate transactions and requirements.
For questions regarding forms required or pricing call 403-823-3068.

Registering a New Business:

We offer an Alberta Incorporation Package which includes a minute book all the information and forms needed to register a business or incorporate within Alberta.

Drumheller Registries can provide:

• Trade Name registration
• Partnership Registrations
• Alberta Incorporations
• Extra Provincial/LLP Registrations
• Amalgamation
• Structural changes
• Filing of Annual Returns
• Change of directors, shareholders, or address
• Revivals/Reinstatements of Corporations
• NUANS reports are available for the following
 – Alberta Incorporations
 – Federal Incorporations
 – Alberta Societies
 – Not-For-Profit Corporations
Most corporate transactions can be completed on the same day.

Vital Statistics:

We provide services for ordering the following Vital Statistics documents:
• Birth Certificates
• Marriage Certificates
• Death Certificates
To order a certificate or a certified copy the applicant must:
• attend our office “in person” — faxes or e-mails are not accepted
• have acceptable identification
• meet eligibility requirements

Marriage Licence Applications:

We are able to provide a marriage licence to a couple being married in Alberta. Marriage licences are valid for 90 days from the date of issue.
To obtain a marriage licence:
• Complete the Marriage Application Form
• Return the form to our office and set up an appointment.
• At the time of the appointment both parties must be present with valid photo identification.
• If you were previously married and now divorced you will need to provide the original divorce certificate or we will accept a faxed copy Direct from the Court House. (See forms section Marriage Licence Application Page 2 for more info).

Legal Name Change:

To apply for a legal name change you will need the Legal Name Change Application form online, print and then bring into the office with supporting documents identified in the application.
For more information on Legal Name Changes please visit the Service Alberta Government website.

Land Titles:

Using your legal land description we can provide:

  • Land Title Searches (surface and mineral)
  • Historic Land Title Searches
  • Land Title Document Searches
  • Obtain a copy of Survey Plans

To use our Land Title Services please visit our office in person.

Legal Land Descriptions can be found on county maps, tax notices, gas or power bills, and at the municipal office.

Land Title Services are used for any real property such as land or a house. You may wish to employ Land Title Services when buying a property or release of a mortgage.

Personal Property:

Personal property registrations cover the following:
• Motor vehicles
• Boats
• Boat motors
• Trailers
• Equipment
• Airplanes
• Mobile homes
Liens can be registered through the personal property system (APPRES) that relate to security interests on these items, or writs of enforcement issued by the courts. They are registered within the Province, but can be registered in other provinces as well.
If you wish to register interests against personal property, please visit our office.
Searches can be done on individuals, businesses or serial numbers to see if there are any outstanding liens or writs registered against them.
Serial number Searches can be requested for:
• Motor Vehicles
• Trailers
• Boats or boat motors
• Mobile Homes
• Aircraft

Passport Photos:

We are able to take photos for:

  • Canadian Passports
  • FAC’s
  • Canadian Citizenship
  • Permanent Resident Cards
  • Passports and Visas for several other countries

Please specify which type of photo you require:

If it is not one of the types listed above, we request that you bring the size requirements of the photo with you. Please do NOT wear white or light colors, no headbands, hats, glasses, or shiny makeup.   Your photo requires a “neutral expression”, no smiling and mouth completely closed — it is not a portrait. We are unable to take photos of infants, unless they can sit up and hold their head up. Toddler photos will be taken at our discretion.

Useful Links:
Passport Canada Website
Canadian Firearms Program
Canadian Citizenship and Immigration Canada
Permanent Residency

Raffle Licences:

A Raffle Licence authorizes non-profit charities, religious organizations or community service clubs to sell tickets for prize draws, cash draws or 50/50 draws. 

Rules and eligibility differ depending on the total ticket value. See below for a complete list of Raffle Licence guidelines and Raffle Licence applications:

Raffles under $10000Raffle Licence Guidelines and Application

Raffles over $10000Raffle Licence Guidelines and Application

ID/Legal Presence/Alberta Residency:

Proof of Legal Presence:
This is proof of legal entitlement to be in Canada, required for a first application for a drivers licence/ID card, an out of province drivers licence/ID card transition, or if your Alberta drivers licence/ID card has been expired more than 6 months. These documents must be original, and valid if they have an expiry date.
• Canadian birth certificate
• Canadian passport (valid)
• Aviation document issued by transport Canada
• Secure Certificate of Indian Status
• Temporary Confirmation of Registration Document
• Record of Landing
• Permanent Resident Card
• Canadian Citizenship Certificate with or without Photo
• Study Permit
• Work Permit
• Visitor Record
• Temporary Resident Permit
• NEXUS card indicating citizenship in Canada

Note: if the legal presence document is in a different/previous name a document connecting the two must be presented. Example: Birth certificate but ID is in a married name – bring a marriage certificate as well.

Proof of Alberta Residency:
This list is not all inclusive, if you’re unsure a document is sufficient call 403-823-3068 (Mail received in your name at your home or other confirmation to show that you reside in Alberta. Must be dated within the last 90 days with your full name and current address.) All documents must be original, either mailed or online. Screenshots or printouts cannot be accepted.
• Alberta Health Care Statement
• Telephone bill in client’s name
• Utility bill in client’s name(electronic/online bills accepted)
• Cable bill in client’s name(electronic/online bills accepted)
• Paystub showing client’s name and address
• Original Letter from Employer on Company Letterhead (within 15 days)
• Lease/Rental Agreement
• Bank Statement
• Property Tax bill, Land title or mortgage papers

Note: If you are under 18 Years of age, Parental Consent is required instead of one of these documents.